Diaconia: Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice

Call for Abstracts

Special Issue on Diaconia and Community Development 2/2019

Paradigm changes within diaconia, social & community development work and international development work have led to a renewed focus on the role of local actors in both urban and rural contexts. People are viewed as subjects who bring their own resources and expertise; they are seen not only as ‘individuals’, but are persons interwoven into communities, groups and networks. Community development seeks to explore how communities, especially marginalised communities and groups, can contribute to their own development and become actors for change locally and in the wider society. Community or congregation based diaconia has emerged as a renewed emphasis in diaconia through the need to respond to changes in society such as increasing diversity, growing inequality and changing social policies.

The upcoming special edition of Diaconia – Journal for the Study of Christian Social Practice aims to focus on the theory and practice of diaconal community development. Articles are invited which explore this emerging field from various perspectives, including studies of specific initiatives, empirical, theological and contextual studies in relation to the field as well as studies of practice theory. Analysis of models of practice, learning and research informed by a concern for community development and diaconia are especially invited. A particular interest is in what has been termed ‘diaconia from the margins’ and articles dealing with issues of power, participation and accountability in diaconia are especially welcome.

The guest editors are Professor Stephanie Dietrich of VID Specialised University, Norway, Dr. Erica Meijers, Protestant Theological University, Netherlands and Tony Addy, Head of Education for interdiac, Czech Republic

If you have a proposal for a contribution to this edition, please send a one-page abstract by 15th June 2019 to the guest editors, Stephanie Dietrich at:; Erica Meijers at: and Tony Addy at:

You will be notified by 1st of July if your proposal is accepted.
The deadline for delivery of the manuscript for peer review is 15th October 2019.

More information may be found at: journal-for-the-study-of-christian-social-practice